Hello hello from my kitchen,

I am Elain and on Ramian Estate you will find answers to the following questions:

  • What is the best way to prepare my coffee?
  • Where should I buy bean coffee or espresso?
  • Which espresso machine is the right choice for me?
  • Which fully automatic coffee machine is right for my needs?

The motto of my coffee blog is:

Good coffee beans are not everything, but without good coffee beans everything is nothing.

That’s why I keep stressing that a good coffee bean is what counts – without it nobody gets a great cup of coffee. But it doesn’t stop there. The stupid thing is that with good coffee and espresso you can do stupid things and that’s a pity. That’s why there are so many tips on different preparation methods on my site.

From French Press, the hand filter up to espresso machines, coffee machines and fully automatic coffee machines I test everything for you and try to give you tips for the preparation.

Every coffee bean deserves the best possible preparation!

All articles and tips on Ramian Estate are free and are constantly updated (as best I can). If you want to know something about a topic that I haven’t treated yet, I’m always grateful for suggestions.

I am looking forward to your questions and ideas.

You certainly care about the working conditions of the coffee farmers, the environment and the quality and compatibility of your coffee and espresso. These are all good reasons to get involved with coffee and its origins and preparation.

Many readers of Ramian Estate have tested good coffee and my preparation tips and are now convinced that coffee from the supermarket no longer meets their requirements.

My mother, too, orders coffee from small roasters with only coffee left. She has, so to speak, made the leap from instant “coffees” to the best coffees in the world and never wants to go back.

I am not a show coffee who enchants his audience with elaborate cappuccino patterns and I am also not a technology freak who can tell you every serial number of every sealing ring on a screen holder.

I just like to try out a lot and want others to benefit from it.

My goal is that absolutely everyone can copy my tips and instructions at home. The goal of Ramian Estate is to increase the quality of an average coffee.

This page is also aimed at people who have not yet been very busy with coffee. Since 2008 I write the coffee blog Ramian Estate and report about my experiences in the colourful world of good coffee.

I have already tested and compared many preparation methods. For the past 7 years I have also received many coffee and espresso samples as well as test devices. I talk a lot with coffees, coffee roasters and founders about coffee. Berlin is a very good place for that.

What motivates me most of all is the positive feedback I have received for years for the coffee blog.

The slogan: “Whoever drinks capsule coffee has lost control over his life,” is no coincidence. For years now I have been committed to good bean coffee and against capsule and instant waste.

The company Bodum had the slogan in an advertisement:

make taste, not waste

I have little to add. I worked as a coffee and every day I introduced guests and other employees to the enjoyment of good coffee. I continue this passion now on Ramian Estate.

Some of the links on Ramian Estate, especially those that lead to Amazon.de, are affiliate links. This means that I get a small commission if you buy something.

That means no additional costs for the readers and helps me to cover the running costs of my blog.