How yoga can help with back pain

Back pain has become a major concern in the United States with more than 80% of the population reporting to have suffered from back pain at some point. Challenges posed by back pain are compounded by the fact that these American have been spending approximately $16 million annually to treat the condition.

While people try numerous treatment options in dealing with back pain, yoga has turned out to be an ideal solution for these people suffering from the condition. The core rationale behind the adoption of Yoga as a treatment option is that it is safe and effective in alleviating most forms of the condition and that it helps in preventing any ongoing problems.

Increasing Strength in Specific Muscles and Muscle Groups

Some of the ways on how yoga can help, encompass the fact that the different  positions help in increasing strength in specific muscles and muscle groups. This is able to gently strength the muscles in the back along with the abdominal muscles. Abdominal and back muscles are vital components of the spine’s muscular network, which help the body to maintain an upright posture as well as movement. Yoga helps in conditioning these muscles and consequently reducing back pain.

Reduction in Muscle Tension

Through the stretching and relation involved in yoga, there is reduction in muscle tension in the stress carrying muscles. Most of the poses in yoga require an individual to gently hold a position for approximately 30 seconds. It is these poses that ensure specific muscles in the back flex, others stretch, ensuring there is relaxation and flexibility of muscles and joints, further reducing the back pain.

Further, stretching  enhances blood flow, ensuring that nutrients flow in, while toxins flow out, leading to an overall nourishment of the muscles and soft tissues that are found in the lower back.

Proper Body Alignment

Poses adopted in yoga are meant to train the body to be healthy as well as supple. Consistently practicing yoga results in an improved posture as well as increases balance, with the health, shoulders and the pelvis being in proper alignment. It is through the proper body alignment along with the posture that maintains a natural curvature of the spine, an essential component in the reduction in pain.

Awareness of the Body

Yoga further promotes an individual’s awareness of their body, especially allowing the establishment of limitations of the body. Considering the fact that most back pain issues originate from straining of the body, the increased awareness through yoga plays a preventive measure as an individual is aware of the types of motions they should avoid to reduce pain in the back.